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Our Story

Test Batch 2017

Bailey Bleus was born years ago as a challenge to myself. A good family friend would periodically ask my mother to have me contact my former wife to get her recipe for her Bleu cheese dressing.  Since I was unable to find a decent Bleu cheese dressing anywhere and had no knowledge of how she made hers, I took it as a challenge to be able to create a dressing I liked.


My First Sale

I experimented for almost a year with the recipe, to find the right cheese, and be able to replicate my dressing consistently.  I brought my creation to a family Thanksgiving dinner and was given a resounding approval from my most honest and harshest critics.  A good family friend with a respected restaurant industry background told me after sampling my dressing that if I didn't do something with my recipe that she wanted it to produce herself.


Weekend Office

The business was born  I made all of my dressings fresh, using hand cut Danish Bleu cheese and fresh hand cut herbs without any preservatives.  In the past 5 pus years Bailey Bleus has grown from a single offering to 6 different dressings and 2 cocktail compliments.  We now offer our Original Bleu Cheese, Smoked Bacon Bleu Cheese, Rich Ranch, Smoked Bacon Ranch, Avocado Ranch, Caesar dressing, Bleu cheese stuffed olives, and The Bloody Best Bloody Mary mix.